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We Design, We Source, We Build

These three verbs are not the norms in the Northern Michigan’s building industry.  We have carefully compiled a team of honest and diligent professionals who take great pride in their work. Their wide range of experiences and expertise allow us to take on projects of various sizes and complexity. Our ultimate goal is to help you create the home or building of your dreams at a reasonable price. The office staff is driven by your ideas and seeks to collaborate through the design, scheduling, and execution of your project. Our experienced field staff bring their professionalism and craftsmanship to each project, ensuring that the end result is both beautiful and functional.

 At TB&A we intend to live up to our namesake. The very definition of True-Blue is genuine; unwavering in one’s commitment. That is exactly what you can expect working with us. We are sincere, honest, and transparent every step of the way. We have a steadfast commitment to our clients to provide a superior space for a reasonable price. 



The co-owners of True Blue have distinct experiences, but very similar stories. Both grew up in Northern Michigan, and left home searching for something else. Nathan pursued a life of entrepreneurship and got involved in international business and product development. Charles studied as an architect and went on to build both custom homes and large scale commercial projects across the country and overseas. Though they learned a great deal, their time away from Northern Michigan made them realize that there really is “no place like home.” Their separate experiences working and traveling throughout the US and internationally gave them various new ideas to bring back home. Their aim is to use these different ideas and experiences to create homes and buildings that will elevate the Northern Michigan market. 

The element that makes TrueBlue a one-of-a-kind design build firm is our product sourcing. We truly handle the project from start to finish. We do have an on-staff design and engineering team, but we even take it one step further. We begin by sourcing raw materials from around the world to ensure that the products going into your home are high quality from the start.

We take the time and care to select and source these products, and through all of these meticulous steps, we are able to acquire high-end goods for much lower than retail price. We then pass this savings onto you, the customer. With us, you literally get more for your money. 

At TrueBlue we are eager to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We have the knowledge and skill to execute any project from beginning to end, no matter the scope. We have the capable manpower to accomplish it in a timely manner. Even further, we have the products to make it a luxurious space for a modest price. 



Although TrueBlue is new to the community, we have already begun to attract the attention of many construction awards.  We were recently awarded the "Builders Exchange Award of Excellence" for our work in the Glen Arbor community.